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Neighborhood Watch

Essentially, all 128-households at Regency Park are members of our Neighborhood Watch Program. Our Block Captains will serve as point persons for our community. This represents an attempt to solidify our safety and security steps which had commenced over the years. It is the plan that neighbors would use the Block Captains as a resource to help inform, disseminate, and distribute information, especially that which impacts our quality of life at Regency Park. This mission boils down to being more efficient and effective in helping keep each other more informed, safe and secure. Whether we are using our eyes and ears to report suspicious activity or advising a nearby neighbor that we will be away from home for an extended period to a certain vendor or contractor will be working at one's home, there are many instances may want to make other neighbors aware. No one is trying to get in your business; however we are trying to protect our neighborhood and each other, which is the higher good. Further details (meeting) will be forthcoming. Plus, if any of the above designated Block Captains have issues with being so, please let me know. There is no pressure to go out of your comfort zone as our goals are unity, safety and security. Goals all 128- Regency Park neighbors should relate to.

Be Safe, Julius

Block Captains

Regency Center Drive

Regency Crest Drive Regency Crest Court

Park Center Drive

Marsha & Christopher Edwards (1180)

Moses & Gertrude Norman (905)

Horace & Peggy Walker (335)

Samuel & Jimmye Jolley (4410)

Stephen & Karen Dean (1245)

Marion "Joey" & Angela Jones (950)

Julius & Glenda Robinson (380)

Carol Anderson (4435)

Alfred "A C " & Mayeotis Taylor (1150

Anna & Raymond "Ray" Thomas ((910)

Christopher "Chris" & Meka Ward (4365)

Kathy & Kevin Ware (1170)      
Regency Park Drive Glenhurst Lane Straton Trace East Court Drive
Dwayne & Marta McNeese (575) Steve & Debra Smith (325) Verona & Kenneth Eaton (210) Clyde & Gloria Bolds (240)
  Deborah Prather (300) William & Shequitta Parker (205) Melva Costen (225)



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