Happy New Year Regency Park Homeowners Association (RPHOA).

We are pleased to announce our new 2012-2013 Board of Directors;
President - Carol Anderson - ca@us.ibm.com
Vice President - Chuck Meadows - chuck_meadows@comcast.net
Treasurer - Stephen Dean - dean.stephen@dol.gov
Secretary - Wesley Stubbs - wstubbs3587@aol.com
Member-at-Large - Calvin Booker - cbooker@wm.com

We would like to thank Chris Ward for serving the community for the last four years as the RPHOA President. With the exception of Chuck Meadows, the current Board members are beginning their 5th year serving on the Board. This will be the last term for many of them. Please contact the Board if you would be interested in serving on the Board for the 2014-2015 calendar years.

We are also happy to announce and welcome back our RP Committee Volunteers and Chairs:
1. Clubhouse (Janetta Booker <jbcog60@bellsouth.net>, Chair)
2. Covenants (David Getachew-Smith<davget_smith@hotmail.com>, Chair)
3. Landscaping (Herbert Jackson <hjackson99@bellsouth.net>, A.C Taylor <mtaylordst@aol.com> Co-Chairs)
4. Membership/Keys(Verona Eaton <kvieaton@yahoo.com>, Weslie Robinson<wrobins@emory.edu>,Co-Chairs)
5. Recreation (Pool, Tennis, Tot Lot, Basketball) - (Clarence Clark <clarence.clark@clarkassociatesinc.com>, Aaron Turpeau <aaron@drturpeau.com>, Co-Chairs)
6. Safety & Security (Horace Walker <acejr@bellsouth.net>, Chair)
7. Social (Toshia Meadows <lnworthey@yahoo.com>, Chair)
8. Website (Brian Godwin <bbgodwin1@cs.com>, Chair)
9. Facilities Manager - William(Bill)Cowan <Willbcowan@comcast.net>

Each committee still needs additional volunteers. If you have an interest in serving on one of these committees please forward an email to the contact listed above.

The RP HOA meets quarterly on the fourth Thursday of the calendar month at 7:30pm at the RP Clubhouse (with the exception of the annual meeting held in November) . The 2012 HOA Meeting dates are listed below. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend;
Thursday, March 22nd
Thursday, June 28th
Thursday, September 27th
Thursday, November 29th (Required Annual Meeting)

2008 - 2011 Summary of Accomplishments:

  1. Completed pool repairs as required by state law - April 2009
  2. Purchased new furniture for the clubhouse upper level - June 2009
  3. Purchased new umbrellas for the pool deck - June 2009
  4. Replaced all eight wood street signs with aluminum street signs - June 2009
  5. Repaired columns & arches under the clubhouse deck - June 2009
  6. Painted exterior of clubhouse - September 2009
  7. Repaired clubhouse ramp - September 2009
  8. Repaired clubhouse deck and stairs - October 2009
  9. Replaced clubhouse stove - May 2009
  10. Resurfaced basketball court - 2010
  11. Painted clubhouse interior (upper level) - 2010
  12. Cleaned retention ponds - 2010
  13. Made pool repairs - 2010
  14. Retained new law firm - 2010
  15. Replaced remaining street regulation signs - 2010
  16. Consolidated landscaping services which has resulted in a net savings of several thousand dollars for the RPHOA - 2011
  17. Retained new pool vendor (USA Pools) - 2011
  18. Resurfaced tennis courts - 2011
  19. Purchased 2 new benches for the tennis courts - 2011
  20. Repaired basketball and tennis court fencing and fencing along Danforth rd, and Cascade Rd - 2011
  21. Made clubhouse exterior repairs (replaced deck boards, stairs, siding) - 2011
  22. Pressure washed and painted white fencing in front of clubhouse and around the perimeter of the pool - 2011
  23. Painted lower level clubhouse interior - 2011
  24. Painted lower level clubhouse bathrooms - 2011
  25. Replaced Tot Lot mulch - 2011
  26. Reviewed and approved Fulton County Curb Project Proposal - 2011
  27. Exceeded RP HOA Revenue Budget for last 2 years - 2011.

2012 Work Items:

  1. Pressure wash and stain clubhouse deck & stairs
  2. Pressure wash and stain tennis court bleachers
  3. Prune trees in common areas
  4. Clean retention ponds
  5. Add landscaping to bare areas at the front entrance of subdivision
  6. Update website with calendar software for clubhouse reservations and key community events.
  7. Obtain & review proposals for a Keyless Entry System for the Pool, Tennis Courts & Basketball Court (target 2013 implementation)
  8. Obtain & review proposals for new Tot Lot equipment
  9. Replace Tot Lot equipment (budget permitting)
  10. Replace clubhouse lower level flooring (budget permitting)
  11. Add 2 new benches for the tennis courts (budget permitting)
  12. Host 2 social events for the RP HOA (summer and winter)

Regency Park BOD